Save money: wear your PJs grocery shopping

Grocery shopping can be boring and inconvenient. Add an energetic pre-schooler to the equation and the experience can be downright exhausting. I know this because I have one.

Grocery shopping is also a major hazard for your budget. Little things add up quickly—you buy a few sale items that weren’t on your shopping list, the kids are asking for stuff, you’re tempted to browse other shops in the centre…  There are lots of ways to blow your supermarket budget.

Which is why one of our MyBudget team members, Leah, has become a big fan of doing her grocery shopping on the Internet.  During maternity leave, Leah juggled a new baby and a tighter family budget.  She found that by grocery shopping online, she could manage the family food budget down to the last dollar. Better still, she could do it without leaving the house.

Coles Online delivers to most Australian metro areas for around $10, and Woolworths is currently expanding their delivery areas.  There are also a number of regional options.  In Adelaide, another of our team members, Melanie, uses Banana Blue.

They all charge around $10 for home delivery.  That’s a sound investment when you consider how easy it is to go $10 over budget when you’re surrounded by distractions in the supermarket. Not only that, you save on transport expenses, and the online facility allows you to compare the unit price of items.  This helps you to choose the cheapest item by weight, and work out the exact price of a meal.

Coles Online also has a great meal planning facility.  They provide easy-to-follow recipes and, with a mouse click, you can drop the ingredients into your virtual shopping trolley.  (Another advantage of online shopping is that virtual trolleys never have wonky wheels).

Tammy May, MyBudget Director

Kylie Hughes ghostwrites the Money Talks blog for MyBudget, Australia

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