Industry high-flyers create new breed of consulting company

In challenging economic times every business is trying to do more with less while delivering greater value to their customers and beating out their competitors.  As companies have been forced to tighten their budgets, process improvement has become applicable to every aspect of the organization, from the manufacturing floor or emergency room through to the reception desk.  Strategy is no longer a lofty concept, but a means of survival, and optimizing human potential has become more important than ever as companies reduce their workforces.

Given that business conditions have changed so drastically, companies have an unprecedented need for senior experienced people to augment their team’s skill sets and knowledge. Moreover, motivated organizations aren’t content with mere survival—they seek to differentiate themselves by continuously improving people, process and performance.

Terry Dolan, a 20 year veteran of leading industrial companies such as Case Corporation, Ingersoll Rand, and Boart Longyear, recognized that need.  “I could see that the traditional consulting model was falling short. Imposed solutions by external experts are often unsustainable because the people who need to implement the change don’t have proper ownership of it.”

Terry Dolan shared his vision with a select group of his peers, all senior professionals with diverse industry experiences. They each agreed that small to mid-sized companies are in dire need of a new mode of collaborative consulting support.  The result is Wingspan Performance Advisors, a network of former operating executives, each with an esteemed history of achievement in the industrial or services sector.  Their combined experiences are drawn from mid-sized to global companies, from start-ups to best practice organizations. Every Wingspan Performance Advisor is a proven, accomplished “doer”. Terry Dolan explains, “The Wingspan approach is thoroughly collaborative—we work with your people, participate in your culture, and achieve your goals.  That’s why our approach is successful and sustainable.  We don’t come in with predetermined ideas, and we don’t fix things without your team’s involvement.”

What does this mean for Wingspan’s clients? Terry Dolan answers, “It means that we’re able to customize the same sophisticated tools and programs utilized by companies that do things right.  Our clients receive similar benefits and outcomes, tailored to their specific goals and at a fraction of the investment.”

Wingspan Performance Advisors combine their knowledge and experience with your knowledge and experience to bring about quick, sustainable improvements that are tightly tied to milestones and bottom line results. Wingspan’s services are organized into the three cornerstones of business success: People, Process, and Performance.

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Written by Kylie Hughes for Wingspan Performance Advisors, United States

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