Rainmaking in a drought (EDA case study)

The Challenge

EDA supplied sales lead generation services to the heavy equipment sector through a flagship product called Rainmaker. But in the grip of the global recession their customers had stopped spending. EDA’s sales team was working hard to generate opportunities, but their proposals were stagnating at the bottom of inboxes. They asked us to help break the drought.


We were challenged to produce a 5:1 return on investment (ROI). The drought was truly broken when the campaign resulted in an ROI of 32:1, which generated nearly $1.2 million in profit. Despite hard economic times, it was the most successful campaign EDA had ever run. The company went on to exceed their annual sales target and we won a 2009 Addy Award for our part. We also received the honor of launching the next generation of Rainmaker.

How We Got There

Underlying the need to drive revenue for EDA, was the challenge to remind hesitant decision makers that the economy may have changed but the rules of business were still the same: You have to spend money to make money.

This “speculate to accumulate” mentality was captured in the intriguing guise of a vibrant three-dimensional mailer that resembled a Monopoly game. The mailer was combined with a powerful offer and strong messaging about Rainmaker’s benefits, and personal URLs made the whole campaign traceable and actionable by the EDA sales team. The concept was familiar, but it was also disruptive, especially in the B2B space. It got players out of jail and passing “Go” again.

Written by Kylie Hughes for Concentric Marketing’s website re-launch in October 2010. Concentric Marketing is a niche, full-service branding agency located in Charlotte, North Carolina. You can check it out at: http://www.getconcentric.com/portfolio/equipment-data-associates#success-stories

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