Premium juice for the people (Ujuice case study)

The Challenge

United Juice Companies is the largest producer of freshly squeezed citrus juices in the United States. They have tons of experience selling premium juices to large, premier hotel chains, but when they tried to break into the consumer market they experienced limited trade acceptance and consumer interest. They asked us to turn their product into a true consumer brand.


Previously closed doors began to open. Retail trade executives loved the new brand innovations, pricing strategy and fresh consumer marketing support because it opened up the category to new consumers. Within four months, Ujuice has been accepted by six national retailers including Whole Foods, Kroger and Giant Eagle. Current sales for Ujuice are trending three times the category average.

How We Got There

Look at the chilled Produce section of your local grocery store and you’ll discover a tiny space dominated by a handful of premium brands. Super premium juice represents the highest cost per sip in the supermarket, yet the trade had grown weary of the category, feeling that it had little potential due to an oversupply of products and the recessionary mindset of the past few years. We tested that theory through consumer research and discovered that people love the category, but find it too expensive to buy as anything more than a treat. We also uncovered a totally overlooked demographic among 35-to-50 year-olds who were more interested in the product than the younger consumers catered to by most brands.

Our discoveries prompted us to ask how we could create a premium juice for the masses. What if we could grow the category by opening it up to new consumers? That’s exactly what we did. Through strategic pricing, packaging and repositioning, the brand was reborn as Ujuice, a super premium product affordable enough to be an everyday treat. Bold dramatic communication suggested Ujuice as more a social movement than a beverage; a populist juice. Executions rang from print and interactive to grassroots events and social marketing support. We began to engage consumers in a conversation about what they deserved and acts of everyday kindness to themselves—a message that was both inclusive and transcended the product itself.

Written by Kylie Hughes for Concentric Marketing’s website re-launch in October 2010. Concentric Marketing is a niche, full-service branding agency located in Charlotte, North Carolina. You can check it out at:

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