Queensland company LEDTek leads world in green energy storage technology

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Release date: 14 January, 2016

Queensland company leads world in green energy storage technology

An Australian designed and manufactured, first-in-the-world technology that is bringing electricity for the first time to a cyclone-ravaged Vanuatu village will soon be released into the Australian market. The innovative system enables homes and businesses to take their electricity needs entirely off the grid and positions Australia at the forefront of renewable energy innovation.

Gold Coast based company, Green NRG Co. (a subsidiary of LEDTek Power Corporation), is the Australian designer and manufacturer of the GreenNRG Mini Power System (MPS), a renewable energy generation and storage system that enables users to generate, store and consume their own clean, free energy. It represents a major breakthrough in controllable unit technology and a genuine first-in-the-world solution.

The GreenNRG Mini Power System, to be released to Australian residential and commercial customers in early 2016, is already changing the lives of 680 people living in Enkatalie, a village on Vanuatu’s cyclone-ravaged Tanna Island. For the first time, villagers will have access to 24-hour renewable-source electricity, including what is believed to be the world’s first 100% renewable energy powered hospital and school.

The Vanuatu project is sponsored by a charitable trust whose research into renewable energy provision for remote communities led them to select Queensland company LEDTek as their technology partner in the project. The installation is being carried out and led by an Australian team supplied by Green NRG Co., with Griffith University’s Climate Change Response Program as a partner in the project to study the effects that power provision may have on traditional villages.

The GreenNRG Mini Power System is groundbreaking as it allows up to three simultaneous natural inputs (solar, wind and hydropower) with no other additional controllers or further, complicated wiring. The addition of wind and hydropower options means that the GreenNRG MPS unit has the potential to continue drawing and/or storing clean, free energy even after the sun has set.

The system achieves incredible efficiency as it has the capability to intelligently control both input and output currents. As a result, the GreenNRG MPS represents a genuine opportunity to take residential and commercial properties entirely off the grid. The unit, about the size of a bar fridge for a 5kW system, is also totally portable, can be retrofitted to existing solar panels and has a short return-on-investment timeframe.

Green NRG Co’s. director and designer Anthony Aucone says:

“The design inspiration for the GreenNRG Mini Power System dates back to a conversation I had with a good friend in 2012. He was looking for resource management solutions for remote communities. It started out as a simple concept and grew from there.”

“Most other renewable energy storage systems are standard charge-and-discharge systems that rely on grid power first. The GreenNRG Mini Power System is a true off-the-grid unit that can use grid power or a generator for back up if needed.”

“We anticipate strong demand from customers who may or may not already have solar panels and want to zero their power bills, as well as residents and businesses located in places where grid power is difficult to connect or simply too expensive.”

“Essentially, we have created an electronic brain that ensures that power is delivered cleanly and without interruption. The system can use any battery the customer prefers, including the Tesla Powerwall.”

The GreenNRG Mini Power System will be released into the Australian market soon. Pre-orders are being taken now.

Further information:

Anthony Aucone, Green NRG Co. | anthony@greennrgco.com

Media pack: Kylie Hughes | kylie@kylieghughes.com | 0418 409 900


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