Adelaide Family Goes Off-Grid with Help from Adelaide City Council

Energy storage system announcement


12 July, 2016

Adelaide Family Goes Off-Grid with Help from Adelaide City Council

South Australia’s first Fronius solar energy battery storage system has been installed at a North Adelaide residence. Scott Matthews and Kelly Nestor and their children, five-year-old Oliver and three-year-old Austin, are the first household in South Australia to store their own clean, renewable solar power using a Fronius home energy storage solution.

The benefit of solar energy storage is that excess power generated by the home’s solar panels during the day may be captured and used after dark or when grid power is unavailable, thus reducing grid power consumption and lowering electricity bills.

The Fronius battery storage system was installed by Adelaide-based company National Renewable Group (NRG). NRG’s managing director Eddy May says: “This is the first instance of an SA home being able to store solar energy using Fronius battery storage technology. We chose Fronius for this project because they are a proven provider of high-performance battery systems. Fronius was founded in Austria in 1945 and they’ve been producing high-quality battery chargers and transformers for over 70 years. We’re very proud to be involved.”

Eddy May continues: “The Climate Council predicts that the amount of renewable energy storage capacity in Australia will grow fifty-fold over the next decade, which means the industry will be worth around $24 billion nationally*. By 2025, we estimate that around 55,000 solar storage systems will be installed into Australian households and businesses every year.”

Scott Matthews is a local business owner while Kelly is a journalist turned stay-at-home mum. Kelly says: “Seeing how much we were spending on power and seeing the bills increase over time and having no control over it really worried me. Having solar panels has made a huge difference to our bills and our household budget, and having battery storage means that we’ll make even bigger savings. Our aim is to get as close as possible to zero-ing our electricity bills. Plus we love that we’re impacting the environment less and teaching our kids about sustainability.”

Scott and Kelly were able to take advantage of Adelaide City Council’s energy storage rebate incentive, which qualified them to receive a rebate of around $6000. Adelaide City Council are offering Australia’s first government entity grants for energy storage systems coupled with an onsite solar photovoltaic system.

The system installed at Scott and Kelly’s home combines a Fronius Symo Hybrid inverter, Fronius Smart Meter and Fronius Solar Battery with a 5.7kW Jinko photovoltaic panel system, which has been added to an existing 4.2kW solar panel system providing just under 10kW of generation capacity and 6kW of storage.

Eddy May advises the public: “There is now a wide selection of high quality, affordable batteries on the market. It’s important that homeowners select the right solution based on their energy needs and that they deal with a reputable, experienced company. We welcome enquiries about ‘24-7NRG’ and offer a free energy consultation service.”

Further information: Eddy May | 08 8443 6995 | | Media pack and photo opportunities: Angela Purvis | 0421 760 670 |

NRG Media Release July 2016


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