Wicked wheat: a connection between gluten and infertility

Let me guess—you’re already eating like a monk.  In the hope of improving your conception chances, you’ve cut out caffeine, booze, trans fats, refined carbs and sugar.  If you balance the good and bad foods listed in the thousand different books and websites you’ve read, the only safe thing left to eat is sticks and twigs.  (Correction: organic sticks […]

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Antidepressants implicated in male factor infertility

Written by Kylie Hughes for psychiatrist practitioner Dr. Robin Stone M.D  for her medical blog. A paper is in press that implicates antidepressant medication with male fertility issues.  The research builds on a litany of information about the effects of antidepressants on women during and after pregnancy, and begins to fill the void about how these […]

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